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About Josh

Josh is the true personification of a personal trainer. He loves, lives and breaths fitness, and behind his his super friendly and gentle disposition, lurks an inspired individual with a burning passion to help his clients achieve their goals.

At 26 years old Josh is the youngest member of the Roar personal training team, but after falling in love with fitness at the tender age of 16, he now has 10 years of invaluable personal experience to pull from.

A strongly goals orientated personal trainer, Josh is never one to rest on his laurels. He has competed in x2 WBFF Fitness modelling competitions and continues to set new goals to ensure both he, and his clients, are always at the top of their game.

Muscle building results with Josh Faux

Practice what you preach

Whilst you could be forgiven for assuming Josh's personal training expertise lie solely in working with the more hardened of gym goers, it's the everyday men and women, often with little to no gym experience at all he enjoys training the most.

Many people are a long way from their comfort zone when it comes to gyms, and Josh greatly enjoys working with clients who may at first be somewhat apprehensive, but will quickly be made to feel right at home and inspired to achieve their goals.

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